Many believe that curing impotency is magic or it’s a sin and is illegal. That selling of Viagra or Cobra is done in the darkest shadows of street corners and the “dealers” are more watched by CIA than the actual drug dealers. Now there is no illegality in this. There is not a single statute in the world and any country, that would prohibit selling and buying and using Viagra as a cure for erectile dysfunction. There might be things, that ARE illegal, for example selling a drug that has no effect or is a non-functioning “substitute”. Pulling this bamboozle on the customer can get you hand-cuffed, however we sell only the best products on the market, straight from a certified manufacturer who has a long tradition of making erectile pills for the best price available. The only criminal act is the low price you will get in our shop.

Should I be wary of some risks when using these pills?

Be always more careful than careless and check at your doctor’s if the pill is safe for you to use. There might be cases where the pill can do some damage however these are rare cases, which have either misused the drug or have a special condition that prevents them from safely using these pills.


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